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What Will Life Look Like in 5-7 Years?

What Will Life Look Like in 5-7 Years?

Although you cannot predict the future, it is important to think about where you might be in 5-7 years when looking at homes. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life and probably something you don’t want to do every couple of years.😫  Here’s a few scenarios where thinking long-term can save you the hassle of having to upsize too quickly.⌛

*I am single now, but dating someone seriously.  Does this home have enough room for both of us if we choose that route.

*We only have one child now, but plan to expand our family.  Does this floor plan work if we have another child?👶👶

*Our kids are young, but kindergarten is just a few short years away.  Does this school district meet the needs of our family?

*Dreaming of spending weekends on the local lakes?  Does your garage space allow for a boat and a vehicle that can pull it?

*Dog plans in your future?  Would this yard accommodate your pup?🐶

And when it’s time to upsize, meaning your current situation is no longer working for you, Truen Group can help into your new home that will check all the boxes.✅  DM or call when you’re ready to start looking ☎ 651.867.3225.

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