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Laurie & Tom Dick Featured on Podcast

Laurie & Tom Dick Featured on

So You Want To Be a Real Estate Agent? Podcast

THE SPOUSE PARTNERSHIP: If you’ve ever considered teaming up with your spouse to take your real estate business to the next level, today’s guests, Tom and Laurie Dick, successful spouse real estate partners (and leaders of a successful real estate team) are going to give us all the tips we need to make it work – and things to consider when bringing your spouse into the real estate business.

MORE ABOUT SO YOU WANT TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT PODCAST: So you want to be a real estate agent?  Learn how to decide whether real estate is the right career for you, get tips and tools for real estate success, find out what is most important in your first 90 days in real estate, learn how to achieve real estate success using lead generation systems, learn insider real estate secrets, and hear stories from one of the most successful teams in real estate and phenomenal podcast guests – and much more!

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