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3 Reasons to Sell in the Winter

3 Reasons Selling In The Winter Is Smart!🤓

  1. Low Inventory = Less Competition

The housing market quickly gets crowded during the peak time of spring. Homebuyers have more choices, but that means fierce competition if you are going to get your piece of the market. Pay attention to the Law of Supply and Demand—the lower the inventory, the less competition you’ll have. 

  1. Winter brings out the serious buyers

Attention, sellers: Not all house hunters are ready to purchase. Some may simply be testing the waters, biding their time, or weighing their options. Spring and fall represent prime seasons for house shopping, with a higher concentration of homes available to view. So don’t be alarmed if there is a wave of noncommittal browsers during these busy periods.

“When I have buyers looking for homes in January and February, they’re real buyers looking to make a purchase—especially if it’s a great house. They don’t want to take the chance of waiting until spring and losing out on the home,” Baldinger says.

“There may be less people at these open houses, but I would rather have 10 real buyers come through than 20 people who are just curious,” she says.

  1. Does your home have winter amenities? Show them off!

Are the winter amenities at your home something worth boasting about? Fireplaces and hot tubs can drastically increase the appeal of a property. How about that driveway of yours? Is it south-facing? Perhaps you even got a new furnace or roof in the last couple of months – if so, all these features come alive even more during winter! Does your Community Association handle snow plowing for you? Take note of all these features to capitalize on their uniqueness for maximum winter presence in the market this season!



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