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    The Best of The Parade of Homes 2023

    By Laurie Dick | March 24, 2023

    The Parade of Homes in Minnesota is an annual event that attracts thousands of people yearly. The event showcases newly constructed homes from some of the best builders in Minnesota. This event provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to tour these homes and find what they like and doesn't like. The Parade of Homes is a great way to explore the latest trends in new construction homes. In recent years, there have been some significant changes in new construction homes that have transformed the way homes are built. One of the biggest changes is the use of technology in home construction. Home builders are now using advanced technology to make homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Read More

    #1 Tip When Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

    By Laurie Dick | March 22, 2023

    Selling a home can be an exciting but stressful experience, especially when it comes to decluttering. A cluttered home can make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space and can even decrease the value of your home. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to declutter your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Read More

    What’s In – What’s Out 2023 Home Design

    By Laurie Dick | March 17, 2023

    From paint color to carpet styles, trends are shifting in 2023. Listen in as Laurie Dick of Truen Group Real Estate Team shares what's in and out when building new construction.👆👆 Read More

    Pro’s and Con’s of Building vs. Buying Existing

    By Laurie Dick | March 15, 2023

    Are you planning on buying a new home? If so, you may be wondering if a new construction home or an existing home is the better option for your needs. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of homes, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each before making your final decision. Let’s look at what you need to consider when choosing between a new construction home and an existing home. Read More

    March Local Events – Stillwater & the St. Croix Valley

    By Laurie Dick | March 10, 2023

    Copy of Copy of Green Amber Classic Real Estate Event List Instagram Post by Laurie Dick Contact Truen Group by Laurie Dick Read More

    3 Things You Should Know If Buying New Construction in 2023

    By Laurie Dick | March 8, 2023

    If you're considering buying a new construction home in 2023, be aware that there have been some recent changes in the market. Prices have increased due to factors like the cost of land and labor. Additionally, there have been some disruptions in the supply chain which may cause delays for buyers. However, most builders are caught up on production and delivery schedules should return to normal by 2023. With prices predicted to continue to rise and incentives from builders on the rise, 2023 is shaping up to be a good year to buy a new construction home. Take a listen at 3 things you should know if buying new construction in 2023.👆👆 Read More

    February 2023 – Housing Market Update

    By Laurie Dick | March 3, 2023

    Despite the presence of more homes on today's market than a year ago, it is still not enough to satisfy buyer demand. This can be largely attributed to current homeowners choosing against listing due to their attractive mortgage rates, some below 3%. Consequently, supply remains at less than half of pre-pandemic levels - leaving homebuyers searching for that perfect place with fewer options. Read More

    Home Projects with High ROI

    By Laurie Dick | March 1, 2023

    What if I told you there was a way to get 100% return on investment on your home renovation project? It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. In this video I'm going to show you how to make money with your home renovations. So watch it now and learn how to get the most bang for your buck! Read More

    Bedroom & Bathroom Makeover and the Power of a Feature Wall

    By Laurie Dick | February 23, 2023

    Transform any living space with a feature wall - making it the perfect eye-catching focal point. Create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere by playing around with colors, textures, or artwork to truly customize your interior design. Whether you want to make a bold statement through color blocking on walls, art that stands out for all the right reasons, or lighting fixtures that add glamour; there are plenty of ways in which you can use this great idea as part of your overall decor scheme. Read More

    The Secret to Fighting Inflation

    By Laurie Dick | February 22, 2023

    Inflation is a sneaky little devil, and it can be hard to fight. But there's one secret weapon that always works: homeownership. Watch this video to learn how you can lock in your housing costs for 30 years and protect yourself from inflation! Read More

    10 Steps to Homeownership

    By Laurie Dick | February 15, 2023

    At the Truen Group, we believe that hard work and collaboration are essential to our client's success. Our realtors exemplify these ideals with a positive mindset, excellent communication skills, and teamwork-focused attitudes combined with continuing education training all within an atmosphere of mutual respect. We support each other as one unified team even when it comes to our individual clients – so you can have peace of mind knowing everyone at Truen Group has your back. Read More

    Multigenerational Living – It’s Trending!

    By Laurie Dick | February 15, 2023

    Multigenerational living is on the rise in the U.S., and this is largely attributed to rising housing costs, extended lifespans, and the growing immigrant population. Read More

    February Local Events – Stillwater & the St. Croix Valley

    By Laurie Dick | February 10, 2023

    Sherri Hopfe & Conne Paulson discuss four fantastic events occurring in Stillwater and the St. Croix Valley. No community puts on more entertainment during these long winter months than Stillwater. Make sure to check out for more details. The calendar below has links to each event. Colorful Hearts February Important Events and Dates Calendar... Read More


    By Laurie Dick | February 8, 2023

    A lot has changed recently in the real estate market. Let's cut through some myths and get straight to the facts. Read More

    January 2023 Market Update – St. Croix Valley

    By Stephanie Reineck | February 3, 2023

    Nationally, the real estate market continues to be impacted by shifting demand and limited supply. Locally in our area of Stillwater, White Bear Lake, Lake Elmo & Hudson however we have seen a small increase in active listings from December – January during this usual seasonal inventory break; indicative that as spring approaches there is an anticipated improvement heading into warmer temperatures. Ultimately with all factors at play variables like neighborhood, amenities and affordability have an impact when discussing real estate inventory trends - it seems likely these trends will continue towards a more balanced buyer-seller landscape going forward. Read More

    What the Heck is House Hacking?!

    By Laurie Dick | January 26, 2023

    House hacking is a smart way to invest in real estate. It’s an opportunity for savvy investors to offset their mortgage and other expenses associated with owning property by renting out part (or all) of the home they own. The classic strategy involves purchasing multi-unit homes, such as duplexes or fourplexes, and living in one unit while subletting the others - but there are additional ways too! Any homeowner can house hack by charging rent through online platforms like Airbnb or VRBO for rooms within their residence. Read More

    2023 Housing Market Predictions

    By Stephanie Reineck | January 25, 2023

    As the market begins to normalize, sellers will need to become more realistic in their pricing expectations. With low inventory, stricter lending regulations limiting buyers' options, and higher interest rates,  it is essential that homes are priced correctly from the start — otherwise they may see multiple days on the market or have to lower prices down the line. This phenomenon can already be observed across Stillwater: out of 23 active listings, 15 had undergone price decreases at least once! Read More

    Fireplace Makeover on a Budget

    By Laurie Dick | January 25, 2023

    Our very own, Laurie Dick, recently took her drab, outdated fireplace and elevated it to a show-stopping centerpiece of her home. Watch the video above to see the final transformation. Learn how she used: -Chalk paint on marble - oh my!😮 -Temporary wallpaper -And a show-stopping piece of local art that she centered the whole project around Read More

    5 Benefits of Living in Stillwater, Minnesota

    By Laurie Dick | January 25, 2023

    Stillwater, Minnesota is a great city that proudly illustrates its picturesque riverside setting and rich historical heritage. From gazing at the sunset across the St. Croix River to perusing the museums and attractions, Stillwater has something for everyone. Visitors to Stillwater who enjoy retail therapy will find a charming downtown area that is packed with cozy shops and boutiques, along with plenty of dining options. But what makes Stillwater special? The answer lies within its captivating downtown where buildings from the past still linger. Whether window shopping for unique finds or engaging in some of Stillwater's many activities, the magic of Stillwater will have you marveling in wonder. Step into Stillwater and explore for yourself why this beautiful city is so iconic! Read More

    From the Beginning: How Truen Group Came to Be

    By Laurie Dick | January 20, 2023

    How Truen Group was named Meet our agents Learn what our support staff offers Opportunity for growth within our team Read More

    Six Steps to Becoming a Landlord; What it Takes to Buy an Investment Property

    By Laurie Dick | January 18, 2023

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Landlord Investing in real estate can be a great way to build wealth over time. Becoming a landlord is no small undertaking, however — it requires careful planning, research, and preparation. With the right approach and resources, though, you can be on your way to becoming a successful landlord... Read More

    📉 Mortgage rates are on the move. Here’s what you need to know.

    By Laurie Dick | January 13, 2023

    Mortgage rates have been on a steep run-up since early 2022, reaching 7 percent in November before retreating to lower levels. This zigzagging has caused some turmoil in the housing market, as prospective homebuyers grapple with how to navigate an increasingly expensive mortgage landscape. So, what’s causing these wild fluctuations? In this blog post, we’ll examine the impact of the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes on mortgage rates and their potential implications for homeowners. Read More

    January 2023 Local Events!

    By Laurie Dick | January 11, 2023

    Chantel Shikowsky & Kady Kochendorfer dish on 4 local events happening right in our backyard this month. Always grateful for the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce & Discover Stillwater for their amazing websites! Read More

    3 Things you can Expect If you are Buying a Home in Todays Market

    By Laurie Dick | January 10, 2023

    In this video, Laurie Dick jumps into 3 things you can expect when buying a home in today's market. Is today different from 6 months ago?! Yes! Listen up. Read More

    December 2022 Market Recap – What You Need to Know

    By Laurie Dick | January 6, 2023

    December tends to be a quiet month in the Twin Cities area housing market! There were new developments and changes, both good and bad. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the near future, it's important to be aware of what's happening in your local area. Read on to learn more about the current state of the housing market in the Twin Cities area.  Read More

    The Ultimate Guide to Homebuying for Millennials – 5 Tips!

    By Laurie Dick | January 5, 2023

    Are you a millennial planning to make your first foray into the world of homebuying? Congratulations! Owning a home is an exciting milestone and one that can set up great financial possibilities for the future. The journey isn’t always easy, but that’s where this ultimate guide comes in. We’re here to provide five valuable tips from experienced real estate professionals who know what it takes to buy a house as a young professional today. Read on for our top advice and get ready to hit the market with confidence! Read More

    How to Know the Right Time to Renovate?

    By Laurie Dick | December 29, 2022

    At Truen Group, we specialize in far more than just finding the perfect home for our clients. We also enjoy helping them decide how to utilize their space and improve it according to their vision. We often recommend that homeowners live in the space for a while before making major plans – like this family... Read More

    Winter Home Selling Checklist

    By Laurie Dick | December 5, 2022

    Winter Home Selling Checklist Some Highlights As you get ready to sell your house, focus on tasks that make it inviting, show it’s cared for, and boost your curb appeal. This list will help you get started, but don’t forget, a real estate professional will provide other helpful tips based on your specific situation. Let’s connect... Read More

    Prioritizing Your Wants and Needs as a Homebuyer in Today’s Market

    By Laurie Dick | December 5, 2022

    Prioritizing Your Wants and Needs as a Homebuyer in Today’s Market There’s no denying mortgage rates are higher now than they were last year. And if you’re thinking about buying a home, this may be top of mind for you. That’s because those higher rates impact how much it costs to borrow money for your home loan.... Read More

    Did you know you should drop your mower down for your last mow?

    By Laurie Dick | October 26, 2022

    It’s true! Your last mow of the season, trim it short.  It is recommended to lower your mower blade (cold weather grasses should be cut to about 2-3.5 inches tall).  The shorter grass is stiff and more resistant to ice and snow. Leaving your grass in great shape next spring! Read More

    How much does a smart thermostat save you per year?

    By Katy Lukken | October 19, 2022

    A smart thermostat is just SMART! It saves you money, saves on energy, keeps you updated on filter changes and drastic changes in temp. Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Run Your Ceiling Fan

    By Katy Lukken | October 11, 2022

    Follow Truen Group for tips on maintaining your home, buying & selling, and so much more! Instagram: @truengroup Read More

    Home Prices Have Risen By 290% Over the Past 30 Years

    By Katy Lukken | October 10, 2022

    Homeownership WINS in the long run. The headlines may have you questioning if now is a good time to buy. Educate yourself. Speak with professionals. Know the facts. Read More

    3 Advantages to Downsizing

    By Katy Lukken | September 28, 2022

    What it really comes down to is more time. More time to do the things you enjoy. Are you ready? We are here to guide you. Read More

    Do you have tax returns from the 80’s?!

    By Katy Lukken | September 20, 2022

    Listen to Sherri's tips on saving the important stuff, and getting rid of outdated paperwork that is weighing you down. This might also be a great time to invest in a small fireproof safe! And MOST importantly, let someone know where this important paperwork is located. Read More

    Sweet Spot in the Housing Market?

    By Katy Lukken | September 19, 2022

    The housing market is ever so slowly climbing back to a more balanced market. And although we've made a lot of progress, in order for the market to be considered balanced for both buyers and sellers, we still need double the current homes for sale. Read More

    Once you’ve made the decision to downsize…here’s your next step:

    By Katy Lukken | September 13, 2022

    Once you've made the decision to's your next step: Go one room at a time and tag items KEEP, DONATE/SELL, or TRASH. One item at a time, one room at a time, keep at it until everything is tagged. Have bins/boxes ready to go for donating. Day by day you will get there! And if this is too much...there are companies out there that will do it for you! Read More

    Moving out of state? Let us connect you with a top agent!

    By Katy Lukken | September 2, 2022

    The Tom Ferry Summit was last week and Laurie soaked up the real estate industry's best training and networking. And speaking of networking - if you or your family is moving out of state, buying a winter snowbird destination, or a second home, reach out to our team! These agents we are connected to are top-notch and the best in the business. Don't guess, guarantee success in your out of state move. Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Is Downsizing in Your Future?

    By Katy Lukken | August 31, 2022

    As we wrap up our month discussing snowbirds, it takes us into our next topic of downsizing.  If you are determined to leave for the brutal winter months, you might be doing yourself a huge favor by moving into association living prior to the winter.  Imagine not worrying all winter about your primary residence. Read More

    Snowbirding? Try before you buy.

    By Katy Lukken | August 23, 2022

    Some really great advice from our agent Sherri Hopfe! Find your people, find her ideal setup, find your go-to spots AND then buy! Renting a few times is just smart. And when you are ready to buy, Truen Group can connect you with some of the best realtors in those snowbird states! Read More

    Welcome Our New Client Coordinator, Laura!

    By Katy Lukken | August 17, 2022

    We are beyond excited to have Laura join our team as a Client Care Coordinator. Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Moving out of state?

    By Katy Lukken | August 10, 2022

    Don’t leave it to chance! Contact Truen Group if you are moving out of state. We have personal contacts nationwide (having drinks with some of them next week)!! These are top-notch, best-in-the-business agents. Read More

    Snow-birding This Winter?

    By Katy Lukken | August 9, 2022

    We are talking snowbirds at Truen this month. Believe it or not, NOW is the best time to be thinking of your winter plans. ? If you are considering purchasing a snowbird destination, let Truen Group introduce you to a Realtor in your desired state. We have referrals everywhere you want to be. These agents are top-notch and hold the highest standards in the industry. Read More

    Three Reasons RIGHT NOW is the best time to buy your winter home/snowbird destination:

    By Katy Lukken | August 2, 2022

    We are talking about snow birding this month at Truen. The term snowbird often refers to empty nesters, but in today's work-from-home world, this isn't just for the 65 and up club anymore. Many people of all ages are dodging winter. Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – 5 SIGNS YOUR READY TO UPSIZE

    By Katy Lukken | July 12, 2022


    Let’s Talk About Upsizing!

    By Katy Lukken | July 8, 2022

    This month we will focus on upsizing. Why it happens, how you can delay it, and finding the joy in searching for your next home (maybe your forever home?!). ? Read More

    What Will Life Look Like in 5-7 Years?

    By Katy Lukken | July 5, 2022

    Although you cannot predict the future, it is important to think about where you might be in 5-7 years when looking at homes. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life and probably something you don't want to do every couple of years.?  Here's a few scenarios where thinking long-term can save you the hassle of having to upsize too quickly.⌛ Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Financing a Cabin or Vacation Home

    By Katy Lukken | June 28, 2022

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Financing a Cabin or Vacation Home  QUICK TIP TUESDAY: Financing a cabin or vacation home looks different than financing a primary residence.   Some things to keep in mind: 1) Underwriters have to follow the guidelines for what qualifies as a vacation home using for your own personal enjoyment,  short-term rentals are ok... Read More

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Purchasing a Cabin with the Intent to Rent it Out?

    By Katy Lukken | June 21, 2022

    Quick Tip Tuesday – Purchasing a Cabin with the Intent to Rent it Out? 3 Things to Consider 1) Rentals with king and queen size beds rent for significantly more than doubles or singles.  People are looking to relax and unwind and sleeping is a huge part of that on vacation.  Make sure your cabin can... Read More

    Welcome Our New Marketing and Sales Associate, Kady!

    By Katy Lukken | June 14, 2022

    Welcome Our New Marketing and Sales Associate, Kady! We are thrilled to have Kady Kochendorfer join our team at Truen Group as a Marketing and Sales Associate. Kady recently graduated with honors from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and finished out her college career by attending nationals in track & field earning All-American honors. Kady will be... Read More

    St. Croix Upcoming Summer Events

    By Katy Lukken | June 10, 2022

    St. Croix Upcoming Summer Events Read More

    St. Croix Community Events – June 2022

    By Katy Lukken | June 8, 2022

    Conne Paulson, Sherri Hopfe, and Laurie Dick discuss SUMMER events in the St. Croix Valley! Stillwater, Hudson, Bayport - so many events, so little time! We break down our 10 TEN Can't-Miss Summer Events! Read More

    The Importance of Curb Appeal

    By Katy Lukken | May 22, 2022

    Laurie Dick & Sherri Hopfe talk about all things curb appeal. Did you know that curb appeal/landscaping can get you 100% ROI? But picking the right project matters. We break down the top 5 easy (mostly DIY) curb appeal projects that we would recommend. Read More

    What’s In A Name?

    By Katy Lukken | May 11, 2022

    Truen Group realtors believe that we all have a true north. It is your orienting point — your fixed point in a spinning world. Truen is derived from your most deeply held beliefs, values, and the principles you live by. It is your internal compass, unique to you, representing who you are at your deepest level. It is the compass that guides you home and to your best life. Read More

    2022 Top Home Improvement Projects with High ROI

    By Katy Lukken | April 7, 2022

    2022 Top Home Improvement Projects with High ROI Who doesn’t love a good home remodel project?! Ok, maybe a few of us would rather hire than complete a DIY, but both work! ?‍♀️ This month at Truen Group we are diving into what home remodel projects bring you the highest Return Flip through our projects... Read More

    Truen Group Ribbon Cutting Event with the Chamber

    By Katy Lukken | March 25, 2022

    What a fabulous Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday at Truen Group! We are so grateful to everyone that made it out to support us. What a crowd - wow! It was a thrill to introduce our great team & office space to this amazing community. We are honored to be part of the @greaterstillwaterchamber! Read More

    1st Time Homebuyer Event

    By Katy Lukken | March 23, 2022

    Did you know IT COSTS MORE TO RENT THAN TO OWN IN THE TWIN CITIES AND SURROUNDING SUBURBS right now? ?? Rent prices are skyrocketing. Truen Group and Dave Craig of Mortgages Unlimited hosted a ??? ???? ????????? ?????. Experts in the field educated on the topics that all first-time homebuyers need to know. ▪Financing options ▪What makes a strong offer ▪How much is needed for a down payment? ▪Tips on what you can be doing right now to be in your 1st home by this summer ▪How do you find a house with so few for sale? Read More

    What Can you Build in Lake Elmo for $950k

    By Katy Lukken | March 22, 2022

    So what can you build in Lake Elmo for $950,000?! Here’s a rundown of some of the many amenities that come with this price point. ▫️4 Bedrooms▫️5 Bathrooms▫️4,584 sq feet▫️.33 Acres▫️Beamed ceilings▫️2 fireplaces▫️Office▫️Neighborhood pool▫️Sports Court▫️3 car garage REMINDER! Work with a real estate agent if you are building. At Truen Group of Stillwater, we will... Read More

    Congratulations Laurie!

    By Katy Lukken | February 25, 2022

    Read More

    1st Time Homebuyer Event & Happy Hour

    By Katy Lukken | February 16, 2022

    Details: ????????, ???. ???? @ ?:?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ???? ??. ?, ??????????, ?? ????? ?? ????????? (? ???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ?????) Read More